Worksense provides People Ops professionals with scalable, real-time analytics for identifying, mitigating, and preventing biases in major decisions involving employees.
Driving Workplace
Inclusion at Scale
Seamlessly track and address unfair biases in salaries, raises, and bonuses
Financial Compensation
Prevent unfair biases in promotion decisions by making them transparent.
Track non-performance based biases and
disparities across key employee-related decisions
Make Data-Driven Decisions
Worksense provides key analytics that allows people leaders to make fair decisions regarding employees.
Worksense enables organizations to seamlessly track and mitigate biases in employee-related decisions by integrating with business software like Zenefits, Gusto, Trello, and more.
Seamless Integration With Key Business Software
BCG Research recommends removing biases from evaluation and promotion decisions as a necessary measure for improving organizational diversity. Do this and more with Worksense
Improve Diversity By Committing
To A Bias Free Workplace
Remove Biases From Your Workplace Today