The only tool that lets you debias your entire talent lifecycle

Worksense lets you seamlessly track and mitigate biases across your recruiting, compensation, promotion, and turnover processes.


Empowering people leaders.

Diversity without equity and inclusion does not work.

When companies establish inclusive business cultures and policies, they are more likely to report a 59% increase in creativity, innovation, and openness and a 38% better assessment of consumer interest and demand.

Full Visibility Into Your Entire Talent Lifecycle


Seamlessly track pass-through rates and yield ratios to understand where candidates across a range of demographics are falling out of your pipeline and what steps need to be improved to prevent this


Get visibility into the distribution of base salaries, raises, and bonuses across demographic groups within your workplace to ensure that there are no biases and discrepancies based on demographic markers


Ensure that you are promoting your top performers by understanding the role that demographic predictors play in your promotions processes


Gain insights into the role that demographics play on employee outcomes as far as voluntary and involuntary turnover is concerned in order to understand what role, if any, unconscious biases are playing in these decisions

Bias in the Workplace: Why It's Relevant


Unfairness related turnover costs the tech sector $16B a year.


Firms in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the national industry means.


Those who perceive bias are more than 3x as likely to say they are leaving their current jobs within a year.

This is where Worksense comes in.

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Worksense takes the tedious technical analysis out of the equation and lets leaders focus on the insights.

Rising Startups To Watch With Diverse Founders

Worksense is a platform that allows people/culture operation managers to track and eliminate non-performance-based biases in the workplace.

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